Multicultural Mauritius

We’re taking you on a first-class flight to island paradise at our Multicultural Mauritius event. Celebrate all that the beautiful Mauritius has to offer; dancing, music, rum cocktails and tropical vibes.

Sydney-based Mauritian band Tamasa Creole will be in town for the Multicultural festival and we’re thrilled to be the first-stop on their trip. The 6-piece band will perform Reggae, Seggae and Sega. Sega dance group, Segalize will add more spice to the show with a fun and interactive performance.

– Flight Details –

Friday 15 February
$12 Mojitos
Tamasa Creole from 8pm – 10pm
DJ Jeff & DJ Allan
Live performance by Segalize
$20 per passenger on the door to the Mauritian Community Assoc.