Mix It Up – New World Cocktail Masterclass

We’re shaking things up a little, each month we will bring you a different topic and style of cocktails to master.

Bottoms up!
Here’s a closer look at the new world trends with different ingredients and unusual pairings. There will be a number of unexpected elements to these cocktail creations that are likely to give you a surprise or two.

We’ll take you step-by-step through 3 cocktails (you get drink them too) and then finish off the class with a chance for you to get hands-on as you jump behind the bar and make your own from scratch. After the class head to a booth to continue the fun.

-Flight Details-
New World Cocktail Masterclass
Wednesday 27 November
6pm & 7.30pm session
$45 per passenger. Max 15 per session. Bookings essential.